Versace lauching #VeryVersace Challenge


The Italian fashion house sees the month of May under the sign of V.

V, like Versace. And one more challenge! After Stella McCartney, Jimmy Choo, Alexander McQueen or even Hermès with its silk challenge, it’s Versace’s turn to launch a participative challenge to the Instagram community. Initiated last weekend, the principle of the Very Versace Challenge is particularly simple since it is a question of honoring the letter V.

“An emblem of vitality, pride and personality, the V has always shaped the identity of Versace. Whether it is part of iconic campaigns, whether it is highlighted in strong prints or whether it is at the heart of our flamboyant accessories, the V is the symbol at the heart of our brand “.

Regularly honored in the creations of the Milanese label – in particular via the Barocco V sign -, the initial can be reinterpreted in a thousand and one ways by the followers of the house. If the latter can share photographs of objects, landscapes or details of everyday life directly evoking the famous letter, they are also invited to recreate scenes from the brand’s latest campaigns.

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