Ralph Lauren considers venturing into luxury hotels

In a recent interview, Ralph Lauren said (about starting a luxury hotel): “It’s another business, it’s another world. Picking locations and what you want to look like, and who you are, and expressing it. Again, it’s lifestyle living. How do you live? How would you like to live if you could afford it? This is not about how much everything costs, it’s about how to do it, and do you believe it? There’s a coffee shop on 72nd Street. I didn’t know two years ago I would do a coffee shop there. We planned all these things and we started to work on it. Go and look. On a sunny day, there are people sitting outside,” he says.

It all seems to be part of the idea that people want to get as close to Lauren’s world as possible. They want to drink his coffee and eat his mother’s brownies. “It’s the passion. It’s the love of doing things like that. We all go to coffee shops and we all go to restaurants. We all clothe ourselves. Why not with the good stuff as best you can?” he asks. Lauren tried a lot of coffees before deciding on a special blend with La Colombe. He also ate a lot of hamburgers before zeroing in on the best one for the Polo Bar.

Among the major international luxury fashion brands which also have a home collection, Ralph Lauren‘s is the most expansive and complete in terms of product categories from furniture (bedding, dining, outdoors etc) to accessories such as linen, curtains or towels. Also, Ralph Lauren presents two seasonal collections each year for its Ralph Lauren Home Collection,  which is retailed at major luxury global flagship stores.

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