Tod’s Group welcome new generation of managers

Our children will join the company says Diego Della Valle, CEO of Tod’s Group. Arnault works a lot, in Italy I do not see the creation of such a hub, he said about LVMH, on whose board he has sat for over 20 years

We need a country that is livable and expresses our strength. We Italians have great capabilities. People abroad often think something different because of distorted communication but remember that we are a great people, and we must make others appreciate us.

Today, the whole world comes to see Italian monuments and we have to be ready with an organized and safe country that is inviting to the people who want to discover us. In addition to showing them the beauty of Italy, we can also sell them quality products. This means, therefore, being able to allow companies, even small ones, to make a profit. 

I arrived 20 years ago and saw it grow in a simple way, as a Group that is dedicated to its work. Arnault is a great connoisseur of the world of quality, he is a man who works hard every day of the week and has a team of capable people around him. I have always thought they were serious people with great skills, and they have proven it with facts.

I still think the Stock market is a great place for structured and established companies to be. We were among the first in made-in-Italy luxury. I would say that it is an experience that has made us grow and above all has given us a rigor that before, although we were a structured and serious company 

More than artificial intelligence we would need intelligence. For us, craftsmanship matters a lot and the complexity of what we do is good for us because then it is difficult to copy or replicate, especially from certain distant countries. In 2012, we founded the Bottega dei Mestieri as a training center for the Tod’s Group. Everything we do today under the manual aspect translates into training. 

The industry is trying to attract young people, and I primarily incite them to do this job. A good craftsman owns himself, his hands are his capital so he can afford to be a free man in the working world as well. This is something that many people are considering especially after the pandemic to have a better, more relaxed quality of life and be able to stay maybe in their home country.

In the future I see the arrival of our children. I see a company that is coping well with the world situation. We have good resources, and we believe in what we do, in the sense that we want to be relevant exponents of Italian industry, producers of great quality, and that is the goal we pursue every day.

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