Gucci makes way to slow fashion


As we were already writign last month on a post about Giorgio Armani fashion manifest and while the health crisis is disrupting the entire fashion ecosystem and, in particular, event planning, the Florentine house intends to set its own rules of the game.

The least we can say is that the lockdown has been for Alessandro Michele food for thought. In a long post published on Instagram last Sunday, the artistic director of Gucci delivers himself through a succession of notes presented as a logbook dated from March 29 to May 16.

In these writings, the creator questions the “meaning of his actions” and the ability to know how to question himself, to be resilient. “On my small scale, I feel an urgent need to change the way I work,” he says. Through my profession, I have always had an inclination to change, a natural and joyful agitation to creativity. But this crisis has in a way amplified this urgent transformation which can no longer be deferred. “

In this quest for authenticity, Alessandro Michele reconnects without complexes with a certain apology for slowness, in total opposition to the dictates of a sector always more eager for innovations. “Our way of doing things was too furious, our conduct was too insidious (…), I feel the need for a new time, freed from these imposed deadlines which risk humiliating creativity” shares the one who aims to integrate into his creative process “a calm time, waiting, inscribed in this gift of inactivity, slowness. “

“I decided to chart a new course, far from the deadlines set up by the industry and, above all, far from this hyper-productivity which, today, has no reason to be. It is a founding act, daring but necessary, which aims to build a new creative universe. ”


Two collections per year.

Very concretely, the creator announces that he wants to do away with the notion of seasonality and register in a pace closer to his convictions and his mode of creation. “We will only meet twice a year, to share the chapters of a new story” he announces, while indicating leaving behind the “leitmotifs which colonized the world before: Cruise, Pre-fall, Spring- Summer, Fall-Winter. ”

A new rhythm, of course, but also a new approach to storytelling, a central concept in the discourse of the creator determined to “fill in new spaces, linguistic codes and communication platforms. “While the label recorded a 23.2% drop in revenue in the first quarter of 2020, the use of” us “in this long speech looking like a tribune therefore seems to be part of a new era, that of a more sustained, more inclusive and de facto brand content dissociated from the rhythm of launches and campaigns.

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