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Nose Dior

Do you know who is behind Dior perfumes? Arthur de Kersauson and Clément Beauvais are today unveiling a new feature film dedicated to the house’s master perfumer since 2006, François Demachy.

There’s a scene in the opening minutes of Parfums Christian Dior’s new documentary Nose, about the life and nasal talents of François Demachy, that finds the iconic perfumer investigating fields of patchouli in Indonesia. Speaking French, Demachy says, “It’s very important to see the product in its natural habitat.”

For two years and across 14 countries, the two directors have interfered in the olfactory daily life of François Demachy. The creator shares the specificities of his profession and the richness of the scents with which he composes, “May roses from Grasse to bergamot from Calabria, including Indonesian patchouli and Sri Lankan sandalwood” such as indicates the synopsis of the film. Enough to put into perspective all the depth and expertise around the brand’s mythical essences, but also the work of small producers and local industries, fully integrated into the perfumer’s creative process.

This is the first time that the Dior house has opened the doors of its Perfume Division to this type of content. Shown at the Tribeca Film Festival last year, this immersive 70-minute documentary is available on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video and Google Play.

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