Coldwell Banker a luxury brand in tune with the times

Global Luxury Coldwell Banker

One year after launching the change of its brand identity, Coldwell Banker presents the new look of its Global Luxury brand.

Coldwell Banker is one of the the world leaders in luxury and prestige real estate. This positioning was born in the 1930s, when the network, already expanding in the United States, innovated by using cinematography to make videos of its finest properties and organize screenings in private rooms for its privileged clients.

Today, the century-old brand, with a global network, is rethinking its identity in the luxury segment in line with its modernization. With the arrival in the luxury real estate market of “millionaire millennials” who have different expectations from their elders, Coldwell Banker is adapting to this new target and its demands.

The founding values ​​of the Global Luxury brand are reaffirmed: high standards, excellence, customer service.

“Coldwell Banker is almost a century of excellence in luxury real estate, from Paris to Miami, from Dubai to San Francisco. We offer our clients the expertise of a true global network, essential for the marketing of luxury properties “, specifies Laurent Demeure, CEO of Coldwell Banker France & amp; Monaco.

Mohammed Alex M’zaour , real estate agent in the Miami area with an extensive luxury background provide us with the main reasons he joined Coldwell Banker Luxury division.

“Appealing new image, digitalization of its tools and processes, rapid development throughout the world, Coldwell Banker is certainly a brand thriving in redefining luxury real estate services.”

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