Burberry open in China, first social store


Determined to invent new ways to interact with its local consumers in a recovering Chinese market, Burberry has taken on the challenge of combining the experience of a physical store with that of social media. To do this, the luxury brand has partnered with technology giant Tencent – owner, in particular, of the social network WeChat – to initiate a series of immersive retail spaces of which the Shenzhen Bay MixC store is the very first illustration.

“Burberry has always been a pioneering brand based on the belief that creativity has the power to open up new spaces. We test new ideas, we push our limits beyond what is possible. In terms of social and retail innovation, China has established itself as the destination with the most connected consumers in the luxury segment. With Tencent, we launched this new concept to redefine expectations in premium retail. The first step in this exclusive partnership is the Shenzhen Connected Store, a place of discovery where consumers are rewarded every time they explore the store, online and / or offline. This concept marks a shift in the way we engage our community. "


Within this new kind of space, visitors are invited to download a specific WeChat mini-program. Imagined around the ten rooms of the store – with a total area of ​​538m2 -, the latter provides access to a series of high value-added content and services: guided tours, product information, making an appointment with a ( e) brand expert or participation in events such as workshops, exhibitions or live performances.

Within the application, each customer is assigned a small avatar – similar to that of online games developed by the house – and is invited to test as many features as possible. Because here, gamification is combined with the principle of reward: the more a visitor interacts, the more he can unlock experiences and exclusive content such as new menus – off the menu – within Thomas’s Cafe or access at the Trench Experience, a room dedicated to the brand’s bestseller.

Other innovations include an interactive showcase that responds to the movements of the public and evolves over the seasons, or even QR codes allowing access to information about each product. Visitors also have the opportunity to try out the brand’s creations – including the limited-edition Burberry Shenzhen capsule – in brand-new booths, all designed around a unique atmosphere and with a specific playlist. Each customer can book their favorite cabin via the WeChat mini-program.

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