‘The Jimmy Choo Pastries’ returns to Four Seasons Hotel Madrid

Following the success of a brief partnership last November and for all those who were unable to try these exquisite delights or just want to relive the experience, “The Jimmy Choo Patisserie” is returning to Four Seasons Hotel Madrid and includes a selection of cakes inspired by the iconic designs from the luxury British brand.

Anyone who tries these creations will also be able to enjoy the Celestial Black Diamond Non-surgical Face Lift Treatment from 111SKIN in the SPA at a special rate. The Jimmy Choo Patisserie at Four Seasons Hotel Madrid is available every day at El Patio about Four Seasons Hotel Madrid until the end of March 2023.

Gotu Kola is the Star Ingredient in This Ritual

This experience culminates with the Celestial Black Diamond Non-surgical Face Lift treatment from 111SKIN in the SPA at Four Seasons Hotel Madrid, an urban oasis spanning more than 1,400 square metres (15,000 square feet) over four floors.This 90-minute treatment follows a special protocol to exfoliate, lift, and brighten the skin using the latest in cosmetic products from the prestigious British company 111SKIN and its Intensive Collection, in which gotu kola is the star ingredient.

This luxury experience uses formulas rich in antioxidants and mechanical exfoliation based on rose quartz crystals and AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) enzymes, the absorption of which is enhanced by the use of fine diamond particles. Furthermore, a combination of manual massage with the application of Celestial Black Diamond Contour Gel using a silver ball boosts the benefits to be gained from gotu kola, the star ingredient in this treatment.

Because this treatment lasts 90 minutes, anyone choosing to enjoy this experience can also use the spectacular 14-metre (46 foot) swimming pool for one hour free of charge.

  • Session price: EUR 295
  • Session price for those who enjoy the Jimmy Choo desserts first: EUR 236

About 111SKIN

A British cosmetics company developed in 2012 by the prestigious plastic surgeon Yannis Alexandrides and co-founder Eva Alexandrides alongside a large team of experts. Based on innovation and thanks to their knowledge of non-invasive surgery and ingredients inspired by the most cutting-edge medicine, they have created an advanced cosmetology brand for skin care and skin health, and are now leading experts in premium anti-aging facial treatments. They also offer the latest in anti-ageing technology with exclusive ingredients that enable a broad range of treatments that emulate the results of clinical methods.

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