Harrods rank number one employer among luxury department stores around the world


Harrods employees over 10,000 staff. Fifty percent employed directly by Harrods and fifty percent by in-store concession brands such as Gucci and Chanel. This brings its own set of HR challenges in terms of aligning employee conditions and expectations, and communicating HR news with all staff: some of whom are more directly engaged with, and responsive to the ‘Harrods’ brand, than others.

In this pod-cast (1 out of 3) Niall Ryan-Jones, Head of Employee Experience at Harrods, discusses with Top Employers, how Harrods is building relationships and loyalty among concession staff through a new aligning of employee-activities and benefits, and upweighted communications.

Courtesy of Top employers institute

Last in this 2023 ranking came the US department stores Saks and Neiman Marcus with weak rating for employee retention, happiness, reward and salary.

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