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JOBLUX is a unique Luxury Talents social network where most of the content is self generated by members. Acting as an open source media our Bloglux section is mostly supplied by influencers, contributors, industry leaders sharing their love and knowledge of Luxury.

Today in order to remain accessible and more independent, we are calling all luxury industry penpals, digital writers, editors, bloggers or any quality writers who speak and write the disruptive language of luxury our community enjoy reading.

Joblux has launched its Influencer program to serve infinite original content to our community. In exchange for their contributions, influencers get visibility and premium access all year long free of charge to the site with the ability to share their insights regularly with articles via Bloglux.

Joblux dont pay for writer(s) contributions, influencer program is based on a media partnership.

We aim at publishing quality and eclectic web articles about fashion, jewelry, watch making, wines, travels, beauty, hospitality & fine food. Mostly without direct promotion purposes our discerning reading is solely delivered to feed our luxury news hungry + 355 k followers.

Our members speak french, english, chinese, russian and arabic mostly but we accept any language. As long as the quality of the post aims at a luxury industry professional audience.

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JOBLUX is a community for professionals who breathe and live luxury.
If you are just looking for a job, may be Linkedin and Indeed are a better match.
However, If you speak the language of luxury, you are in !

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