Second hand: Ebay launch luxury drive in station in L.A

Ebay drive in station

As part of the development of its authentication program, Ebay the American platform is imagining a new kind of drive station. From handbags to watches to sneakers: in a booming second-hand ecosystem, eBay aims to guarantee the origin and quality of products sold on its interface by developing the eBay Authenticate program for several months. .

While the pandemic is exacerbating digital uses, the reseller hits hard and launches a new experiential solution. On November 19, a neighborhood in Los Angeles saw the birth of an authentication station accessible by drive. The principle ? The sellers come by car and leave their part (s) there without getting out of the vehicle.

A team of experts then examines each object to determine its value – similar to the service implemented in authentication centers – before offering a price to the seller. The latter is then free to accept the offer or not. In the event of a positive response, the seller can then leave after having been paid their payment via Paypal.

Creative and original, the idea is strategically sound. The resort is unique in its kind and puts on the playful and nostalgic side. The target is wide, from “the occasional enthusiast” attracted by the experience “to the passionate collector” who wishes above all to benefit from expertise. But above all, eBay is proving that it knows how to adapt to sanitary conditions thanks to this concept allowing both sellers and team members to respect social distancing measures, although the United States does not have the same restrictions as in France. One way for the platform to reinvent itself in brick and mortar and use its inventiveness to stay close, physically, to its community.

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