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Client Relationship Manager

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Luxury is research, the chance to experience new routes, to find new and not predictable or already seen solutions. Luxury is timeless.




English, Italian


Client Relationship Management | Account Management | Communication | Negotiation | Strategic partnership | Project Management | Stakeholder Management | Business Analysis, Research and Reports Sales Management | Sales strategies | Product Development | Market strategy | Customer Engagement Customer Satisfaction | Travel Management | Analytical thinking | Problem Solving | Time Management Forecasting and Budgeting | P&L Management | Professional pitches | Company Ambassador



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I truly believe Communication plays a vital role in the growth and sustainability of Tourism.

Since travel is a service, the difference between success and failure often revolves around the ability to communicate on every level from management and sales to advertising and customer relations especially within the Luxury Travel segment.

That’s precisely why I passionately emphasize the importance of a customer, being client-centric and focused on delivering exceptional customer service through an open-minded, proactive and effective communication.

My advanced knowledge of client management, enhanced by 25 years’ in travel and a passion for luxury destinations has brought me to manage and grow UHNWI and a private client base. I create, design and tailor-make complex multi-centre itineraries identifying new market trends and customizing professional pitches to those who seek expert advices with exceptional customer service.

I thrive in start-up and fast-paced environments developed the entire workflow for a strong portfolio of clients, managing the full relationship from start to finish being the central communication link between the overseas stakeholders and sales team, communicating and negotiating with suppliers to ensure sustainable relationships through positive tender responses.

I also provide deeply empathetic mentoring and coaching to my team through a collaborative management style and development of bench strength, leading by example on projects to meet deadlines

• 89% Boosts in Productivity with the management of 125 new customized accounts in a portfolio is only an example of the top achievements in my career in the last few years


And some background. I started my academic studies after a career in tourism, wanting to deepen my understanding of business management and learn to apply it for the benefit of my company. I am dedicated to build and promote strong, long-lasting customer relationships improving business development processes at professional levels.

My exposure to multiple cultures (I am fluent in 2 languages, have resided in Egypt, Tunisia and Greece and travelled to over 53 countries) helps me deeply relate to people of various backgrounds and understand their issues and concerns.

I am so very proud of my numerous happy clients who have trusted my advices, that identified me as their main contact point for private consulting on their travel experiences and dreamt together about a perfect destination

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