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Brand Management, Customer Service, Marketing Business Development

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Glion Institute of Higher Education

My definition of luxury

a source of thinking about life, meaning how luxe has an incredible connection to it, the one is at the origin. From time immemorial, in the world are the idea and somewhat structure of the world and a human in society having been built on some remarkable postulates, pillars. Hard manual working is one of them. Any connection? Direct one. First rule of luxury for me is people madly in love in what they do, hardworking and then, beautification of a creation. Celebration of life and its gifts where professionalism is pushed over the limits. And the beautification is a proof of it is human nature to live in neatness and beauty to make one’s soul soar. Ss a result, it is that much vivid, so there is nothing to exclude.




English, French


Exceptional soft skills, negotiation, customer service, creativity, business development, luxury brand management, PowerPoint, Excel,


BBA in Hospitality with Specialisation in Luxury Brand Management in Hospitality

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Energetic, creative, sincere-smiling graduate with honors in Luxury Brand and Hospitality Management. I am seeking to generate ideas and provide a genuine service and impression with a ‘people-first’ approach and exceptional soft skills to make experience and emotions unforgettable.



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