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Dubai – United Arab Emirates


Regional Operations Manager

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Damas Jewellery LLC

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Luxury is to represent a brand through the understanding of what it takes to develop client relationships and delivering quality service. Luxury focus requires capability when it comes to engaging new and existing consumers, providing unparalleled high-end experience that clients will not forget and will always return for.




Sales, Clienteling, Team Building,



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My name is Richard Tye, I am an experienced Retail Sales Manager and I am looking for a new challenge and opportunity.
Having worked for some of the most well known brands in the world I am widely trusted to deliver results commercially and would add value through my leadership experience.  

I am known for my focus on developing strategies to deliver sales targets whilst being attentive to the customer centric experience in my stores and to my vendor partners.  I am delivering this through my high energy commitment to my teams and hands on approach.  My attention to detail ensures that whilst I am operationally focused it is never at detriment to customer sales. I am always looking for innovative ways to progress the business, motivate the team, drive engagement and development of people.  This investment elevates top line sales and enhances brand loyalty with my customers.

I would feel proud to be part of a retail company who considers themselves as an innovating market leader with a customer first approach to retail, in which I hope to have an opportunity to join and grow my career whilst driving your brand through my broad experience.

Please find my curriculum vitae attached which includes all my contact information for your reference.

Thank you for your consideration, I am available for an informational interview at your convenience. I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Richard Tye



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