Diane Von Furstenberg launch clothing rental service online

dvf link

The ready-to-wear brand Diane von Furstenberg founded in 1972 and famous for its famous wallet dresses, enters the clothing rental market and launches “DVF Link”, a brand new monthly subscription online service.

Calling all those women who have always dreamed of a wrap dress signed Diane von Furstenberg. It is now possible to get one without worrying about the place it would be in our closet. This is it, the famous fashion designer in turn embarks on the worlds of luxury to rent, an opportunity for us to be beautiful DVF way without breaking the bank or guilt.

On the “Dvf Link” platform, the designer offers a monthly subscription rental service ($ 159) giving access to hundreds of models – except shoes and accessories – among which are the famous wallet dresses that have made the success of the brand since its creation in 1972.

Currently, the service is only active in the United States and Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Saipan and Guam – organized unincorporated territories -. Included in these 159 monthly dollars: the possibility of selecting four pieces per shipment, delivery, return, pressing as well as an option to purchase at a reduced price.

This innovation is a way for the designer to continue to reinvent herself while taking into account the evolving standards of society. Indeed, the rental of luxury items, particularly in fashion, is a phenomenon in full expansion. A “second hand” fashion which allows us to respond to current consumption habits: having a thought for the planet, while controlling our budget. In fashion, luxury clothing rental solutions are on the increase, such as Rent the Runway launched in 2009 or Panoply, launched in 2016 in France.

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