Burberry open new manufacturing site in Castleford


Burberry has this week opened a new manufacturing facility in Castleford, near Leeds, where textile workers can expand their skillset and learn new manufacturing techniques

The launch of the new ‘Burberry Centre for Manufacturing Excellence’ was supported by the  UK Fashion & Textile Association (UKFT), which is helping the brand deliver a new, formalised industrial sewing machinist development programme.

The heritage fashion label said the initiative was about protecting artisanal skills. “We have created some of our most iconic products in Castleford and Keighley in Yorkshire for over 100 years,” explained Lise Edwards-Warrener, VP of Internal Manufacturing at Burberry. We firmly believe in protecting artisanal skills, nurturing talent and investing in British fashion manufacturing”.

Celia Thornley, Skills and Training Manager at UKFT, added: “We are delighted to partner with this British luxury brand, which is committed to manufacturing here in the UK. Improving the training skills on the factory floor is key to ensuring that our industry remains competitive against global competition.”

UKFT is working to ensure the skills and productivity of people who work in the fashion industry are of the highest level, and address the critical skills gap in the textile sector. The organisation is also about to start a three-year project dedicated to inspiring young people to explore a career in textile manufacturing

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